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gas gas
Gas Gas Parts shipped worldwide
now available:
Racetech Plastic kits for EC 125-300 from 2001-2010 only £74
Blackbird graphics & seat covers from £42.30
See EC parts here

2011 Gas Gas CC & EC
250 - 300 available now

From 2011 Gas Gas EC Enduro

The new 2011 GAS GAS Enduro bikes have arrived! Well at least the best selling two models have….the UK spec CC250 and the CC300. The ‘CC’ stands for Cross-Country which is the model that best suits the UK. They come without all the homologation parts that are not needed in the UK and the bikes can still be road registered. The CC models are exempt from ‘type approval’. The CC models still come with a side-stand, a front headlamp and a competition wiring loom that allows you to fit a rear light assembly. These models have been tailored by the factory to suit the UK market.

Also only for the UK the standard models now come (and a welcome return) to OHLINS and MARZOCCHI suspension. To keep prices low the factory had fitted sachs suspension on their 2008 and 2009 models which have been fine but the UK public have missed the plush Ohlins shock and the soft Marzocchi Shiver forks.

Another ‘quality’ component which is standard is the new FMF ‘Q’ Silencer which is both superb in quality and ultra quiet. They also help the bikes already awesome torque for good bottom to mid power. Other quality components include Excel rims, Metzeler Tyres, Progrip grips and new rear chain guide.

Other changes to the 2011 bikes are the superb and really striking colour and sticker design. At last they have returned to the GAS GAS original base colour of RED and they look simply stunning.  They now have a very strong identity with the Pro Trials bike with the Red tubular chassis and they have simply done the same with the Enduro bikes. To have a corporate identity is very important and to be honest GG have been lacking this in recent years ‘playing’ with different colours. With the red and white plastics and new cool sticker design they are now very striking and ultra modern.

Add a completely new front headlamp and front mudguard to really finish the 2011 models off. The two stroke GG Enduro engines need NO introduction. Both the 250+300 are bulletproof and produce very good torquey motors. Christophe Nambotin demonstrates this in the World Enduro Championship winning events at the very highest level.

Coming soon will be the CC models with ‘electric start’. Not everyone needs this added feature on a 2 stroke which don’t have the same annoying starting problems as most 4 strokes but nevertheless at least now Gas Gas can offer this option.

2011 CC250 —- £5329.99 inc vat  (at 17.5% goes up  in Jan)

2011 CC300 —- £5589.99 inc vat

2011 CC250es – £5849.99 inc vat

2011 CC300es – £6099.99 inc vat

es – electric start

Possibly the best Enduro on the market. The most advanced components for a winning bike.

The EC 2011 appears in Gas Gas red, with a newly designed headlight holder and front headlight. Other new features are the Metzeler MCE Six Days covers and the newly adjusted SACHS 48 front fork. The FMF Q-Stealth silencer, the Sachs shock absorbers and the improved cooling system with the new radiator cap make the EC 2011 the best option for Off-Road enthusiasts.

Newly adjusted SACHS 48 front fork
Sachs shock absorbers with new improved oil
New radiator cap with improved cooling system
Cross chain guide

From 2011 Gas Gas Enduro in action

NEW 2010 Gas Gas EC/CC Enduro
Now on Special Summer Deals!
£175 off std CC250

Stunning! Nambotin Replica

2010 Gas Gas EC250 4T
Yamaha Engine!

2010 Gas Gas EC Enduro

New frame with 'microfusion' frame rails (zoom in on the pics and you will see)
New 2010 spec. sachs forks in red.
Steve Plain has had some 2010 forks to test and he tells me they are ALOT softer and plusher than the 09 sachs forks. These will be anodised red.
New plastics, mudguards, rad panels etc.
New stickers
Coloured parts (Yokes, hubs, rims etc.)
New one piece tank in dark grey colour
New wavy discs
New rear brake pedal
New water pump cover
The EC RACING will have;
Different setting forks with 1.5mm hole in compression valve (2mm in std. forks)
Ohlins rear shock
FMF silencer
Galfer wavy discs
white plastics
Racing sticker design

2009 Gas Gas for your info only:
09 GG info pdf
2009 Gas Gas EC enduro & Halley
Click above for the Motomerlin photo gallery

From 2009 Gas Gas EC enduro & Halley

From 2009 Gas Gas EC enduro & Halley

2008 Gas Gas Enduro
(for info only)

2008 Gas Gas EC Enduro


Great deals on 2007 EC Gas Gas enduro models
details soon - or call

2007 press release here

2007 model specs here


Gas Gas 2004 Enduro
(for info only)

04 Gas Gas press release
Larger Gas Gas  images available here

Gas Gas 2003 Enduro
2003 Gas Gas press release and new model info

New EC450FSE fourstroke
2003 EC450FSE

2002 Enduro bikes

2002 EC250
2002 EC200

changes are:
new frame with new profile tube, more ridgid.
new shock.
re valved forks.
new discs.
higher bars,
revised plated pipe.
new gear lever.
new sidestand bracket.
new shape rad panels.
new shape front mudguard,
2002 graphics (of course)
new gearbox bearings,
revised: crank & carb settings
new design cylinder head.
new bigger engine bolts.
Most of the above applies to the EC 125/200/250/300
2002 EC400FSE

2002 Gas Gas Enduro bikes comparison test in Australia - a useful comparison.

Gas Gas Trials
Gas Gas Pampera
Gas Gas Supermoto
Gas Gas Motocross
2002 models press release

Gas Gas Enduro 2001 models

Gas Gas EC200 2000
Gas Gas EC250 2000
Gas Gas EC300 2000

Gas Gas EC 200 1999
Gas Gas EC 250 1999
Gas Gas EC 250 1999