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Advanced Trials Training Techniques with Ryan Young  £28.99

Trials Training Techniques with Ryan Young undoubtedly the best training DVD ever! £28.99

  Talon Wheels supplied
Talon Wheels, & Hubs supplied,

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2011 Sherco Trials

From 2011 Sherco Trials

2011 Sherco ST Updates • Pressure diecast aluminum engine cases • Revised Reed valve placement • Completely redesigned engine cooling system • Redesigned clutch and clutch cylinder • New aluminum alloy fuel tank (relocated filler location) • New air filter cover and locking clip • New intake nozzle • New fuel pump • New radiator • Removable steering stops • New Dellorto VHST flat slide carburetor on the 2.9 engine 01403 257626...more pics: 2011 Sherco Trials

2010 Sherco Trials

From 2010 Sherco

All new frame, air filter and tank swap places for this year!

2009 Sherco Trials

From 2009 Sherco Trials

320c Fourstroke

From 2009 Sherco Trials

125, 250 or 290 two stroke

More info soon.....

2008 Sherco trials motorcycles supplied

2008 Sherco Trials

Sherco 2004 Trials Models

The complete model line has received many updates and improvements; the areas include the appearance, the chassis and the engine on the 2.5 and 2.9

 The Sherco Trials Technical Team, which is Lead by Josep Rovira Paxau, has been working intensely throughout the 2003 season to continue the evolution of the Sherco professional trials motorcycles. With the sole purpose of remaining in the same privileged position that Sherco sustains in the trials market, these bikes have been enhanced with a high number of technical and aesthetic features.The result of working hand in hand with the technicians and riders of the Sherco Factory Team - that officially compete in the Trials World Championship - is the continued development of the five models that make up the new '04 standard-motorcycle range: 0.8, 1.25, 2.0, 2.5 and 2.9. 

A new appearance shared by the entire model range

The appearance of the Sherco '04 models has undergone a complete renovation. Totally new graphics enhance the lightness and slenderness of the bikes. The Sherco trademark blue color is still the dominant tone, thus unifying the aesthetic aspect of all the bikes ranging from the small 85cc to the professional 2.5 and 2.9. The 2.5 and 2.9 models have been equipped with a number of technical modifications - both in the engine and the chassis - that will enable them to continue setting the standard in the trials market during 2004. 

 Technical modifications to the Sherco 2.5 and 2.9

.: Cycle Part

.: New rear shock design, continuously adjustable through spring pre-charge and with longer travel. New system progressiveness due to the redesign of the main delta link.

.: Modified frame geometry - enhanced fork design for perfect compatibility with the new rear suspension.

.: State-of-the-art Paioli front fork, with new hydraulic valving that provides a smoother and more precise performance.

.: New AJP clutch and front brake cylinders, that provides more precise performance.

.: Engine

.: New SFK crankshaft bearings made of polyamide, quieter and stronger.

.: Redesigned clutch. Newly designed basket, with improved stiffness and function.

.: New state-of-the-art Leonelli Evolution 2 electronic ignition that, along with the new silencer, improves the engine performance at all levels.

.: Newly designed silencer. Revised interior labyrinth and packing that improve its durability and efficiency, thus improving the power delivery to the engine.

.: New crankcases, built from a shell stamp. This new system guarantees better adjustment of the mating parts, better external finish, higher strength and provides a significant weight reduction. 

2003 Sherco trials bike info

Sherco 2002
2002 models are now available

More info at

250 & 290 Sherco
Also now in 125 &200 sizes

2001 models:

2001 290 Bultaco
2001 290 Bultaco

More info at

2000 models

2000 Bultaco Sherco