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2006 Gas Gas News

2006 press release here

2006 model specs here

First 2006 TXT250 & EC300 due late July probably..

2005 Gas Gas sale

5% of all 05 bikes while stocks last...


04 Gas Gas press release
Larger Gas Gas  images available here

Gas Gas Supermoto 04

Hot news - 04 SM450 goes blue!......well the Press Release said so, but the pic they sent seems to be a very very dark blue!!

2003 Gas Gas press release and new model info

MCN test the GG SM 250

Gas Gas Supermoto coming soon.......
125 supermoto

Gas Gas to sell Supermotos!
The range will consist of: two stroke 50cc, 125, 250 & the new four stroke 400. These will be 2002 models available later in autumn 2001 . More details later. Retail prices at end of page.

2002 models press release

The first model is now available and its the 250SM (two stroke).

250SM photos click here

Gas Gas Press release:

At the Motoshow 2001, GAS GAS will carry out the international presentation of the new Supermotard range (SM), with four new engines: 50 cc, 125 cc, 300 cc all of them with a single-cylinder 2-stroke engine, and the 400 cc 4 stroke.

All these bikes have in common the same colour -dark grey with silver streaks which stress the aesthetic shape of the panels which wrap the fuel tank, slightly prolonged below the seat- and design, and the fact that they start from the same predecessor: their chrome-molibdenum steel frames and engines derive directly from the Enducross range, with six-speed gearbox and hydraulically-driven multi-disc clutch.

Their aspect, in any case, is not similar at all to the enduro range. At first sight, the new SM shows significant changes. The most remarkable one is the wheels: the Supermotard feature wide tyres with very low profile on 17’’ duraluminium spoke rims. These are high-performance road tyres. A first glance will also display aesthetic differences in the front mudguard, much slimmer and flat than the ones fitted in the Enducross.

A closer look at the wheels shows another significant change: the front brake calipers, with two pistons in the smallest bike -the 50cc- and four in the rest, derived from competition and with larger, big- diameter discs -260mm in the 50cc and 310mm in its larger sisters-. The use of this high-quality material in the brake discs ensures the performance of the front brake on tarmac.

Aluminium swingarm, suspension with multiple adjustment possibilities, upside down front fork and progressive system with Öhlins shock absorber at the rear (Boge in the 50cc); and a very compact and solid appearance make this a quality product wherever you look. The exhaust pipe has also been modified.

Naturally, the new SM’s suspensions are set harder, with smooth riding on asphalt. That is because the new range has been designed with city use in mind, and for all kinds of public: from teenagers who ride the 50cc and start identifying themselves with GAS GAS, to adults who need to move around the towns swiftly, with motorbikes ranging from 125cc -very easy to ride- up to 400cc, and with power outputs up to 50.6 bhp at 7,340 rpm in the highest-size 2-stroke engine.

It is remarkable that the new range has already been tested in competition with great results, with Daniel Crosset at the handlebars of an SM taking part in the Belgian Supermotard Championship.


When GAS GAS finished deveolping their new enduro motorbike with their own 2-stroke 250cc engine, procedures were started at once to commercialise it in Europe and the rest of the countries where the manufacturer exports.

The research department started to develop different technical solutions applicable to the production process, adapting the bike so that it would meet the EEC 97/24 noise level regulation (chapter 9), which sets the maximum in 80 dB (A) at of the engine speed where the maximum power is achieved (this corresponds to 50k/h in third gear).

However, the most difficult part of the regulation was for a 2-stroke engine to meet the emission levels (chapter 5). The European standards regulations set the maximum levels at 8 g/km CO, 4 g/km of unburnt hydrocarbons and 1g/km of Nitric Oxide per cycle.

For a 2-stroke engine to meet these requirements it was necessary to fit the motorbike with a catalyst in the exhaust pipe.

This, together with the fact that the market welcomed the use of small or medium-size single-cylinder engines for their use in off-road bikes and that more and more countries were using the emissions levels to stop 2-stroke engines from entering their markets, was central in the decision to develop 4-stroke engines.

Gas Gas SM400FSE
90 x 62.6 mm bore/stroke.
fuel injection by Magneti Marelli,
6 gears,
poke: 47 bhp @ 9940 rpm
grunt: 4.4 mkg @ 6570 rpm

Frame: deltabox cromoly, alloy swingarm.
USD forks, WP or Marzocchi 295mm travel
Rear Shock, Ohlins 320 mm travel
Nissin brakes.
1475mm wheelbase.
900mm seat height
9.5 litre tank.
SM400 rear view

Gas Gas SM250 2003 , ....more pics here
Specs: 249.3 cc , 66.4 x 72mm
Liquid cooled two stroke with exhaust valve.
Keihin PWK 38mm carb.
Kokusan digital multispark ignition.
6 speed gearbox.
49.84 hp @ 8699 rpm
4.65 mkg@7628 rpm
Same running kit as 400.

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