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2003 Beta Rev-3 - first impressions
2002 Rev-3 Report/test here plus - end of term report

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2003 Beta info

2002 Beta info

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Misleading title as the book cover lots of off-road (enduro/trail) techniques too.
Some Bike set-up info too.
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Freestyle Motocross £14.99

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NEW Beta Enduro 125/250/350/400/450/525 click here

New Model for 2009 Beta Evo Trials here

Beta Fourstroke Trials
2008 Rev 4

From 2008 Beta Trials
2008 Rev-3 trials

More Beta 07 images here: Motomerlin photos

Beta Trials 2007 Rev-3

2006 Beta Rev3 Trials

New frame with rear section lowered by 20 mm

New tank cover design

New air inlets in steering head zone

New rear fender

Muffler cover with new design

New tapered handlebar

New design of switch clamps and cable covers

New design for upper  fork yoke. Lower yoke fixed with 3 screws.

New design of front  fender with weight reduced support.

Wheel hubs turned.

Brake disks with reduced thickness.

Aluminium footrest brackets.

Several modifications in engine’s components (crankshaft,, gear sprockets, torque adapting starter gear, redesigned starter drive..)

General reduction of weight of about 1,5 Kg compared to 2006 version.

REV-3 125
More power: revised engine with new crank, ignition settings & carb settings
07 Beta rev 80

Rev-3 80 : black frame

2007 bikes & more on  Motomerlin photos

2006 Beta Rev3
(Note 2006, 05 etc models sold out, this info is for model identification)

2006 updates:
Groovy new headlight
Trendy new rear mudguard design.

Funky new front disk cover design.
New ignition cover design,   
Snazzy new graphics: an aggressive mix of mat black and fluorescent red.
New decals to prevent frame/swinging arm wear.
Lower footrest position to give more stability, grip and driving balance.
New shock absorber with new settings; the shaft and stroke have been increased to give a more neutral driving setting and to give increased traction.
New front fork calibration to improve the progressiveness.
New upper fork yoke and new steering head angle to make the bike more stable and to give more confidence in corners.
Modification of cylinder porting to improve the carburetion and feeling of the bike at low speeds.
New ignition timing to improve the performances at slow running.
Stator modification for a better combustion and an increase of spark tension at slow running.
New throttle control to give the bike a more lively feeling yet still remaining very smooth on the very bottom of the power.

Beta Trials 2005 Rev-3

More to follow soon. From the photos: updates include smaller rear brake caliper, black coated forks, new clutch & front brake reservoirs.
Plus snazzy new graphics!
More info when I get it.

Available  October 04  in  125, 200, 250 &  270cc flavours!

·Even lighter. Approximately 500 grammes less, as a result of fitting the new brake system (calipers, discs, master-cylinders and brake levers).
·Euro 2 homologation in respect of sound and atmospheric pollution limits.
·Development of a new setup for the rear suspension to improve the progressiveness of the response.
·Forks with TINALOX surface treatment on the stanchions to minimise stiction and provide three times the hardness of traditional chromed steel.
·Modifications to the damper valve inside the forks, with a view to increasing progressiveness.
·Important changes to the porting for improved power delivery at low revs and more efficient combustion.
·Further refinements to the ignition advance curve, in line with the changes made in 2004, with a view to increasing output in transient conditions.
·New dynamic and innovative colour scheme. Ice grey, opaque black and flash red: a brand-new, attention-grabbing combination which is sure to make an impact on the trials course. 
·Details in titanium-coloured anodised aluminium (handlebars, rear sprocket and shock absorber body): the lightness of the aluminium combines with an aggressive aesthetic, giving the new Rev-3 even more of a racing look.

2005 Beta Rev-50
2005 Beta Rev-80
2005 Beta Minitrial 50

2004 Beta trials

Beta Rev-3 125/200/250/270 Mods for 04

New neater & stronger front mudguard support
Re-valved front forks

Rear shock anodised red & new internals to give more progressive damping and response
New ignition system, which gives smoother power output throughout the rev range, enhancing grip.
New cylinder porting to improve the low down engine power
Lighter sump plate protection & clutch
Kickstart gears modified to reduce width of engine
Central silencer has new monting to reduce vibration
Rear sub-frame is stronger

And its RED

First bikes are now available

Download 2004 Beta Rev-3 brochure her


The 200 Report - Small is Beautiful?

This year (2004) I'm riding a 200 Rev-3 2004 model. Photos & more to follow. So far I've had one running in session and a day at the local Group Trial. First impressions are very favourable - super smooth engine and adequate power and, as expected, a bit revvier than the 250. Superb balance with a lighter feel to the handling (than a 250). It was tried by several riders , of varying abilities & ages and all agreed it must be one of the easiest bikes to ride on the market today. So far the only mods I've carried out are to the carburation. It runs the same carb & jetting as the 250/270 and seems to run a little rich off idle. I've tried one size smaller pilot & main - and this seems perfect for winter events.
I also altered the float level as on previous Betas.

"Running in" was completed at the recent Bognor trial. This lap a good blast around a large forestry site and featured several short sharp climbs on the middle route. The 200 romped up these in second and this pilot arrived at the top under smooth control. Definitely feels more controllable than the 250 for me, of course more advanced riders can cope with more power. Right now we're still riding in unseasonably dry conditions - can't wait to try this bike on the wet & muddy courses we normally expect in autumn.

I didn't have long to wait. The rain returned for the Horsham Riders club trial the following week -end. The going was steep clay banks & ditches in woodland all well lubed by constant showers.
I'd been expecting to make excuses for the bike - "you know its only a 200..." and felt that it would prove an ideal tool away from the southern mud, but I was very pleased to find it worked very well in these conditions. Often using second where others were pulling third gear it found good grip. Two or three times a lap I was in third for the bigger climbs and soon I realised you could forget it was  200 cc engine and just ride it like I had the 250. In fact probably the proof of this was section 9 -  a series of swift stream crossings & jumps culminating with an abrupt bank that needed attacking with some gusto. The 200 blasted up this every lap in third - to the great surprise of this rider. So no excuses, this 200 will do the job whatever the conditions.

One observation though. I'm sure a young "real  expert" rider would try this bike & claim its a little flat and that he'd really had to work it (thrash!) to get his cleans, and he may well be right. It all depends on what level you ride at and what your expectations of trials are. I would reckon only riders aiming at the very top level of centre championships would find this engine lacking. The engine is an absolute gem and is really proof of how far modern two-strokes have come in recent years. Back in 96 I rode & loved the old 340 Gas Gas feeling that 250s of that era were too revvy & the wrong sort of power for our local conditions. Later I switched to a 250 when they improved the torque. Now I'm happy with a 200 (so far....). Small is beautiful. Less is more!

Its now getting on for a year of ownership & I'm still impressed with the 200. Its held up well, only required a few parts - one airbox bracket & one exhaust rubber mount. Its gone through several multi day trials in France and Yorkshire with no trouble. Its needed the usual service items: air filter, chain, wheel bearings, tyres, grips etc and benefitted from a change of brake fluid. The only unusual requirement is more frequent repacking of the silencer than the 250. Maybe I'm revving the Rev more.......


2003 Beta info

2002 Beta info

2001 Mini Trial 50

2001 Rev-3

2000 Rev-3

John Lampkin's SSDT Beta prep guide

Factory web page here

Beta UK web page