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Moto Pampera blog

2008 Gas Gas Pampera

2008 Gas Gas EC Enduro


2006 press release here

2006 model specs here

Gas Gas Parts shipped worldwide!

Note: the two stroke Pampera Mk3 2001-05 is now discontinued & sold out......           So we can't sell you a new one.
We can service & supply/fit parts and prepare a used Pampera for you.
You'll see plenty of used Pamps on Ebay & in TBM mag.

The rest of this page is for your information only!

My Pampera - living with & tweaking a Pamp

 04 Gas Gas press release

Small is Beautiful.... 2003 Pampera



The Mighty Pampera is back: The new 2003 Pampera is available now.  For the moment will be available only in 250cc and in blue colour. Except the engine, all the rest is completely new, frame, exhaust, dimensions, plastics, design, discs, suspension....
Chassis: new oval tubing for max strength & minimum weight. 
Forks: 40mm conventional Marzocchi with 210mm travel. Rear suspension Sachs Boge shock. Cast Aluminium swinging arm. Front brake 260mm floating disc, AJP calper, Rear 200mm, Hebo caliper.
Wheelbase 1360mm, Seat height 860mm, 21" front wheel, 18" rear wheel.
A little taller and longer than the previous Pamps.

(Gas Gas Press release) Versatility, your name is Pampera

The new Pampera has little to do with the former model. That definition of a half-enduro, half-trial motorbike has become obsolete, and the manufacturer has decided to develop it into the ‘EnduPam’, a machine which allows you both to take part in an enduro event and tackle any off-road route without the slightest difficulty.

The aspect of the new Pampera is much more aggressive and solid, very much like the Enducross. So much so, that the plastics covering the frame are the same as the ones used in the EC Rookie model, in blue, but with a completely renovated decoration, leaving behind the grey and black tonalities of the former models.

The Pampera’s chassis is a new design, with stiffer and lighter, oval-profile tubing. The cast-aluminium swingarm is highly reinforced and has a great design. The suspensions, set up to suit all the different conditions that the model will face, present a conventional Marzocchi fork with 40mm bars at the front, providing great performance in all types of terrain, and a Boge monoshock at the rear with a highly progressive link system. The brakes feature 260mm discs, with an APJ caliper at the front and a 4-piston Hebo caliper at the rear. The new Pampera has Michelin tyres, with 18" at the rear and 21" at the front.
This motorbike has been designed with only one engine in mind for the moment. It is fitted with the 2-stroke, 249.3cc engine with direct intake into the crankcase, deriving from the 250cc trial bike. It is liquid cooled, with a mechanical pump. The ingnition is electronic and the carburettor is a 26mm Dell’Orto. The exhaust is completely new, and the silencer has an internal maze and ceramic fibre inside for better noise reduction and longer durability.

More similar in size to the Rookie than to the Enducross, the Pampera 250 has a 1,360 mm wheelbase, and the seat height is 860 mm.

Pampera pics:

Pampera not winning the Hafren Rally

Gas Gas USA Pampera : video download

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Gas Gas Pampera 1999

Welsh water