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gas gas

From 2011 Gas Gas Racing Limited Edtion Trials Bike

New 2011 Gas Gas Racing limited edition
More here

From 2011 Gas Gas Pro Trials

New 2011 Gas Gas Pro trials.
New frame, airbox, silencer

Introducing the new TXT PRO 2011 incorporates significant developments in design and components. Guarantee of success for any driver of this specialty.

New decoration with GASGAS red. Newly designed micro fusion chassis for greater rigidity, less weight and a better finish. Central exhaust and end in one piece, which can be detached. Newly designed, wider filter box, with improved air intake and at a lower height for better control of the bike. Rear brake pump with built-in tank. (Exclusive to GASGAS). 

New, lighter MORAD front wheel rim
X-light front and rear tyres
New, more flexible rear fender
Newly designed micro fusion chassis

2010 Raga Replica

Sold out - info only

  1. Revised Tubular Frame in Raga Racing Gold Colour

Frame is slightly wider at the footrests to further improve stability.

Frame is slightly lighter.

More ‘micro-fusion’ (cast) parts.

Stronger Rear shock mounting.

  1. Complete New Air-filter Box.

New air intake entrance.

Bigger volume box to improve performance.

            Bigger and better sealed cover for ease of maintenance.

<>Slightly wider to accommodate new frame.
  1. New Rear Mudguard in White colour

New flexible material designed not to break as easy in a crash.

            Slightly wider to match new airbox

            Better rider protection from mud / water

            Integrated rear ‘Racing’ light.

  1. New Exhaust system.

      Same S3 Titanium Front pipe

Complete new aluminium middle-box

Complete new silencer in two parts that are both re-packable.

<>End part of silencer in plastic. 
  1. New Rear Brake Master Cylinder.

Specially made for the Raga model by AJP.

Integrated cylinder with no extra pipe and reservoir tank

Better routing for rear brake hose.


  1. S3 Aluminium Footrests.
  1. AJP Gold Brake Calipers
  1. S3 ‘Stars’ Two Piece Cylinder Head.

Ability to change the inner part to change compression.

  1. Gold Magnesium Crankcases
  1. Gold Magnesium Clutch Cover
  1. New Kickstart Shaft and improved mechanism
  1. Sachs Rear Shock
  1. Keihin Carburetor
  1. New Morad rear rim with no need for sealing band.
  1. New Morad front rim.
  1. Galfer Brake Discs
  1. Red anodized wheels hubs
  1. Michelin Xlight Tyres
  1. Renthal Fatbars
  1. Renthal Fatbar Pad
  1. Renthal Grips.
  1. Throttle Bearing System
  1. New Front Brake Hose Guide independent of Front light
  1. New Raga / Sticker Design.

New Gas Gas Racing 125/300
sold out for info only

NEW ‘Racing’ stickers (stunning!)
GOLD magnesium crankcases
GOLD magnesium clutch case
D.I.D Rear Wheel
MORAD new type front wheel
RED anodized wheel hubs
MICHELIN ‘Xlight’ tyres front and back
OHLINS rear shock
KEIHIN carburetor and Raga Reed block (300cc only)
New Dellorto carburetor settings for 125cc
S3 cylinder head now on the 125cc (possibility to change compression ratio)
ALUMINIUM footrests
NEW handlebars with ‘smooth throttle bearing system’.

From 2010 Gas Gas Pro Trials

S3 Titanium front pipe
Two piece cylinder head (PRO250/280/300)
Vertex piston (PRO300)
New crankshaft (PRO125)
New carburetor (PRO125)
New stronger radiator with new position for thermostat
New wiring loom
New Marzocchi forks internals (same as 09 raga)
New chain tensioner
Changes to kickstart mechanism
Changes to gearbox cluster
New shape front mudguard
New clutch lever
New handlebars
Titanium anodized wheel rims and other parts
Black swinging arm.

NEW 2009 Raga Trials
(sold out.. ..for info only)


PRO125R, PRO250R, PRO280R, PRO300R

RAGA sticker design
Gold tubular frame
Gold magnesium crankcases
Gold magnesium clutch cover
Black swinging arm
S3 titanium front pipe
JT7 Carbon fiber silencer
Keihin Carburetor PRO280R/300R with RAGA reed block
Dellorto Carburetor PRO125R/250R
New red anodised bigger water volume cylinder head with insert to change compression PRO250R/280R/300R
New crankshaft on PRO125R with improved bottom end power.
Changes to Gear cluster
Vertex piston PRO300R only
New stronger radiator with better place for Thermostat
Titanium colour anodised rims and spokes
D.I.D. rear wheel
Michelin  tyres
RAGA design black front mudguard
S3 Aluminium footrests, titanium colour
New Black Marzocchi forks with revised settings
New design 'antislide' sump plate
New Chain Tensioner
New longer clutch lever, titanium colour
Gold anodised brake calipers
S3 Grips
RAGA bend Handlebars, titanium colour

2009 Gas Gas info:
09 GG info pdf

Click above for the Motomerlin photo gallery

2008 Gas Gas Raga Replca
now sold out...
New for 2008: 250, 280 & 300cc motors
  • New RAGA tubular frame in powder coated Red colour.
  • White RAGA Plastics
  • RAGA design stickers
  • Gold magnesium crankcases
  • Gold magnesium clutch cover
  • Carbon fiber silencer with red anodized end cap.
  • S3 Titanium front pipe
  • S3 Aluminium footrests.
  • DID rear wheel rim with no rubber sealing band.(same as Montesa)
  • KEIHIN Carburetor
  • SACHS rear shock
  • Rear brake master cylinder aluminum protector
  • New design rear brake pedal
  • New plastic 'lock stop' protector
  • New plastic side rad covers
  • New plastic front rad protector
  • Black anodized chain tensioner
  • Gold rear sprocket
  • New fuel tank (same capacity as standard "08 PRO models)
  • Gold anodized front fork yokes
  • Gold identification numbered plate
  • Gold exclusive numbered key ring.

2007 Gas Gas Trials

2007 press release here

2007 model specs here

NEW 07 PRO125 Racing

Available soon .......

Based on the std. 07 PRO125 with the following differences….

1.Magnesium Gold Crankcases

2.Magnesium Gold Raga Clutch Case

3.Magnesium Gold Swinging arm.

4. Sachs shock – same as PRO250

5. 40mm Marzocchi Aluminium front forks with black stanchions

GAG GAS Special Parts:

S3 Parts for GAS GAS Pro trials: Titanium Front Exhaust pipe for the TXTPRO.


There are two lengths available....
Long for soft bottom end power which suits the bigger bikes and slippery conditions, Short for dry conditions where ulimate power is needed. Good for 125s !They come with a new gasket, 2 o rings and 2 new bolts.
They are available NOW and priced as follows;  S3 parts

Billet Aluminium Clutch cover due soon...

2006 Gas Gas News

2006 press release here  2006 model specs here

NEW oversize, plastic fuel tanks to fit the GAS GAS PRO models from 2002 - 2006.
They are only available in off white / translucent colour and they hold 3.5 litres. (standard 2.9 litre) They come complete with a normal screw top BUT you must use your original tap.The fit is superb!  They are a MUST for the SSDT and saves you carrying petrol in your rucksack (which is actually not allowed, although everyone does it !!)

Gas Gas Parts shipped worldwide!

The following for your information only:

2004 Gas Gas press release

Larger Gas Gas  images available here


2004 Pro Models are here!
Here's a few pics from the first 04 250 Pro we sold
(Reduced quality & size images - large images can be emailed on request)

2003 Gas Gas press release and new model info

2003 Pro TXT Trials

2003 Pro 125 Trials
2003 Pro 250 Trials
2003 Pro 280 Trials
2003 Pro 300 now available
2003 Edition 03 250/280 Trials



2002 Pro TXT Trials

See the first pictures of the all new TXT Pro 2002 here:

The TXT Pro 2002 is the all new lightweight (68 kg claimed) bike as ridden in the World Championships by Adam Raga. This will be built in all sizes of engine -  125/200/249/280/300. 

The first TXT Pro 200/250/280s are now being shipped, but demand is exceeding supply for the foreseeable future. If you require one of these new models then its best to get on the waiting list.

The 250 & 280 TXT (Edition 03) models will continue to be produced in a new 2003 livery and at a keen list price.  See price list link above for more 2002 TXT Pro info.

New TXT 02 tank graphics

The TXT Edition 03 models are mechanically the same as the 2001/2 249 & 280.
Available in blue or red.
2002 TXT 02
2002 TXT 02
2002 TXT 02

2002 Rookie 50/80

Gas Gas 2002 models press release
Gas Gas 2001 models Press Release

Gas Gas Enduro
Gas Gas Pampera
Gas Gas Supermoto

Gas Gas 2001 trials bikes info

Gas Gas TXT 321 2000
Gas Gas TXT 250/280 2000
Gas Gas TXT 200 2000
Gas Gas TXT Boy 50

Gas Gas TXT 321 1999