Beta 300 Factory 300 Evo Trials


New 2011 EVO 2T 300 FACTORY

New displacement and new technical features for the “top of the range” Trial bike.

The R&D team of the Tuscany House is always hard working and is giving its best in the last months. After the new Enduro with RR350 and RR4T Factory, it is now Trial time with the all-new EVO 300 2T FACTORY.
New displacement – growing from 290 to 300 cc – and great technical features, all coming from the experience of the Factory team and drawn from the richer aftermarket parts catalog.

A bike of great interest mainly dedicated to the advanced users looking for high performances and at the same time it will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding enthusiasts.


  • New capacity, from 290 to 300cc. Made by bore increase from 78 to 79 mm in combination with a new domed piston and new cylinder head, it offers more torque and smooth power band . This all means a significant improvement in the throttle feeling. The increased  displacement means not only increase performances, the benefit enjoyed most by experienced users, but also the enlargement of the range of usability, value always achieved by Beta that makes the “playability” its distinctive character.
  • New “factory” clutch disks with increased guide surface: they reduce vibrations and ensure a more accurate and stable working.
  • Magnesium crankcase. About 1.5 kg of weight saving. This improves the agility of the bike and consequently ride feeling .
  • Red silicone cooling system pipes: as well as improving the look, they provide a better heat dissipation thanks to the technical characteristics of silicone.
  • Titanium exhaust manifold. The “precious metal” manifold as well as provides a weight saving of 500 gr, it offers increased performance at high speed.


  • New triple clamp, CNC machined from billet aluminum, red anodized. In addition to weight reduction and improved look, you can choose between 6 different positions of the handlebar in order to adapt the bike to your riding style
  • New Factory wave brake discs:  heat dissipation is improved with obvious advantages in terms of stability of braking performance.
  • X-Light tires. The result of many years of cooperation with our technical partner Michelin. These new tires ensure a saving of about 500 gr. Another key point that reduces the weight and helps to improve the overall handling of the bike.
  • Many parts are red anodized aluminium and they enhance and provide a great impact look: water pump and clutch pumps covers, oil cap, brake/clutch lever regulators and chain tensioners.
  • List of specification is enriched by carbon fiber headlight, side frame covers and front disc cover, in addition to the clutch cover in carbon-look.  These parts are designed to match EVO style, they are lightweight, great look and they protect the bike in sensitive areas.
  • Anodized CNC ergal footrest. Light, strong and with high grip.
  • A new graphics kit made by stickers for plastic body and frame,  rims decal, as well as the official team bikes racing in the World Championship.

Coming at the beginning of March and in limited edition, it will boast a special price considering the quality of equipment. The bike will retail for £5495.00 inc VAT. Bikes will be here from the middle to the end of March