Beta Evo Important Modification

Header tank pipeBeta Evo riders,

Can you please add this modification to any Beta Evo from 2009 to 2013. This is a really important modification to do to any Evo trials bike. Warranty will not be accepted on bikes which do not have this modification.

Beta Evo modification. The attached photo shows the radiator header tank pipe in a different position to standard. The Evo comes standard with the header tank pipe routed into the sump guard so if you have any cooling problems you get no warning that the bike is overheating. By re-routing the header tank pipe as shown in the photo you get a warning as steam would come out meaning that the bike is overheating which normally is due to the radiator cover being full of mud, lack of radiator fluid or simply riding too fast on the road. A useful mod for any modern trials bike, sooner or later they all get hot!

from Beta UK.

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