Scorpa T Ride 280 two stroke & Sherco X-Ride

Pleasant, easy to fly motorcycle
The new 280 two-stroke engined T Ride.
“At the crossroads, Scorpa T-Ride brings a new philosophy of the all terrain since 2008. The chronos, T-Ride is a machine for fun. Pleasure to walk on all paths, hiking pleasure between friends, pleasure not having a beast to tame each time as the land became more difficult. 280Cc engine, T-Ride is a model of sweetness. If you want try the adventure at every turn of a road, T-Ride you will carry on the steep slopes and will even crossings that were accessible to bikes for competition. But the T-Ride is also able to serve you every day for a road or urban, use solo and duo. T-Ride is also an easy access for all, a mi enduro, mi trial hybrid motorcycle. T-Ride is a pleasant, easy to fly motorcycle that can have fun without so be exhaust, a motorcycle that is first used your pleasure.” google translation!

 Juan Pons gives it a go……