Sherco X Ride – one more small bike

Here’s one I missed – Sherco X Ride.
Trial-club has the only info I’ve seen so far on  this. Don’t know if this is concept or production. Looks nearest to the Pampera in concept, but likely to be a 5 speed. Now I’ve spotted a Scorpa T ride with the Sherco two-stroke engine too – a bit of badge engineering here, same bike, different colours!
After a few years drought, we now have a glut of small nimble trail bikes. KTM’s Freeride 350 appears to be the most Enduro focussed and premium price (£5800?). I’m guessing the Ossa Explorer and Sherco X Ride/Scorpa T-ride will be somewhat cheaper, with the Gas Gas Randonne at a budget £2999.