KTM Freeride and Ossa Explorer – Small is Beautiful?

KTM follows the Pampera concept,  shrinks their new 350 Enduro and calls it the Freeride. Inside info on the Derestricted blog. 350 Freeride Video

KTM says:  “This is a motorcycle that has all the same genes as every KTM competition Enduro bike but is still quite different. The aim was to create a bike on offroad wheels that could master the same challenges as a KTM EXC, but with significantly less effort and energy. So the Freeride 350 is a playful and feather light Enduro to really enjoy and no extreme competition machine.

At merely 99 kg, the Freeride 350, available in Spring 2012, is an invitation to all those who have until now had no contact with this fascinating sport. Never has it been easier to get into riding an Enduro.
This 24 hp strong, 350 cc high single cylinder with fuel injection always delivers enough but never too much power. Thanks to its homologation and a slim and noise reducing double pipe exhaust system this light fun machine can be used in normal traffic any time.
A new composite frame design has also been achieved to further enhance the advantages of the lightweight concept. High quality and proven WP suspension components ensure that the Freeride 350 meets the expectations of a genuine KTM even during a hard ride on tough terrain.”

Also Ossa is reurecting the Explorer name with a small trail bike based on their trials mount. “Ossa launches an extraordinary model: the new Ossa Explorer 2012. Inheriting the spirit of the legendary Explorer presented inParisin 1972, the new bike from Ossa maintains its philosophy: A comfortable and very light bike, easy to ride and designed to enjoy both the mountain and the city.

The designers from Ossa approve the new model, which will be in production in Girona as from February. This model will take advantage of the innovative features of the TR280i, such as the two-stroke injection engine and the chassis. A style of bike that is not found in the market; a combination of a Trials and an Enduro bike. It has a bigger seat and offers fun, safety and comfort, together with amazing handling sensations and inexpensive maintenance. With its ISS Injection Start System, it uses a lithium battery to allow for a precise and easy kick start.” more images here.



Here’s one they made earlier…