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Throttle Tubes Alloy with Bearing

Alloy throttle tube with bearing & low friction insert. Black = slow, Silver = fast action. Fits domino trials throttle. Alloy Throttle sleeve tube with bearing Alloy throttle tube with bearing low friction insert Black slow Silver fast action Fits domino trials

New Products update

AJP plunger grommet in redAJP plunger grommet in RED or rubber boot pin spring Whatever we call it it s that bit that goes between lever mastercylinder that you can t do via Motomerlin Jitsie Race Clutch Brake Levers Beta GrimecaThe Jitsie Race levers are aluminium cold forged levers that …

Small but essential…….AJP part

So what’s small, really essential and you just can’t do without it? The AJP pin + grommet thingy of course! Whatever we call it….it’s that bit that goes between lever & mastercylinder that you can’t do without. Well worth carrying a spare, particularly at the bigger trials. Unavailable for sometime, we have them now. See …

Beta Evo S3 Digit clutch & brake levers

S3 Digit Beta Evo Grimeca Clutch or Brake Levers At last – decent replacement levers for the Beta Grimeca mastercylinder as used on the Evo and late Rev-3 (05 on – but check?) Anodised, forged aluminium levers from S3. High quality with forged S3 logo. Various colours will be available. …

Sherco Rear Brake Lever

Sherco Rear Brake Lever 2000-09 At last a pattern lever in forged aluminium at the right price! Anodised blue Comes with sprung tip, bearing &  rod  (Silver also available to order) Sherco rear brake

AJP Flexi Bendy Levers

AJP Flexi Bendy Levers Front Brake and Clutch Levers which spring back in a fall. They have been around now for some time in the MX/ Enduro world and we have had some to fit the AJP Trials (and AJP GG EC Enduro clutch) Master Cylinders fitted to most models. …