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August 2010

Cahors 2010 video

Film of the Cahors trial. It’s an indoors type trial held outside around the town, this year with “open free” gate trial scoring. Cahors 2010 from on Vimeo.

Beta Evo S3 Digit clutch & brake levers

S3 Digit Beta Evo Grimeca Clutch or Brake Levers At last – decent replacement levers for the Beta Grimeca mastercylinder as used on the Evo and late Rev-3 (05 on – but check?) Anodised, forged aluminium levers from S3. High quality with forged S3 logo. Various colours will be available. …

2011 Gas Gas Pro Trials – in detail

The 2011 GAS GAS Pro model Trials models have arrived! This 2011 model has undergone some obvious changes from the 2010 model and now has the updated frame / airbox / exhaust as used on the Top ‘Raga replica’ model. The actual ‘geometry’ of the frame remains the same …

Sherco Rear Brake Lever

Sherco Rear Brake Lever 2000-09 At last a pattern lever in forged aluminium at the right price! Anodised blue Comes with sprung tip, bearing &  rod  (Silver also available to order) Sherco rear brake