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Ossa Enduro

Odd or cool?  I can’t decide……never liked green bikes though.  More info here   Images here 2013 model – interesting to see if Ossa can get enduro performance from their trials motor & clutch…  

2012 Ossa TR280i

OSSA present the new TR280i  Improve your trial bike in a technical and aesthetic way The 2012 model is lighter and effective Ossa is already producing the new model TR280i for next year. “We have improved the original motorcycle and the result is a lighter bike and easier to drive” …

Ossa Photos updated

More here:  New 2011 Ossa TR280i Ossa supplied some great photos from the recent indoor trials and the one above is the best.  Works rider Jeroni Fajardo gets onto the podium at Geneva, which is pretty good for a new bike.